Wednesday, 17 October 2007


This is a first for me.I just thought that some of my drawings could be used as elements for scrapbooks.So I am offering my first set of elements.Hugs Wiccan

Magic Myth and Mayhem 2

In my world...all plants and trees are erotic.You have aqlready met Poison Ivy.

Now its time to introduce you to Lileth......But BEWARE because all these plants

are poisonous.....

You will also find lots of mythical creatures here to, like Medusa

Happy Halloween

Well its almost Halloween, one of the most favourite times of year for me.
So I thought id make up some tags to share.All the tags I make are safe to
use in most psp or yahoo groups.Hope you like them.Hugs.Wiccan.
Get your Free Halloween Tags Here......

And by the way.Happy Halloween....

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Magic Myth and Mayhem

Finally a place to showcase my creations.....

As the title implies, my artwork is irratic.

It depends on what I feel like creating, on

a day-to-day basis.

So a little like Pandora's Box you could find

anything here, from artwork to tags.

Things I may have made in the past up to

my present endeavors.Of course there will

be...freebies...So drop by, add a comment,

constructive crit is always welcome.....and

maybe I just might be discovered.